Most Popular Toys 2014


The most popular toys 2014 may or may not surprise you. They are basic toys that have been around for years (the 3rd one is a new twist on a classic toy), but they never go out of style or lose popularity with kids. When I start shopping for the children in my life for Christmas or birthdays, these are the first ones I will consider.

It dawned on me one day as I watched my daughter playing a video game on our laptop that I need to consider games and toys that she can play online, as well as classic games that we can play as a family. I do believe though, that kids often spend too much time staring at a TV or computer screen, when they could be doing other things. It makes me wonder what happened to the good old days when I was a child and played games with family and friends and enjoyed outside playtime regularly.

Each toy here will keep kids entertained over and over for a long time. They make kids think and use their imagination, too, which is what I love about them. Let’s get kids away from the TV and interested in toys that will stimulate minds and offer fun for all involved!

Let me tell you a little about the most popular toys 2013.

Qwirkle Board Game

qwirkleQwirkle is a popular board game for kids ages 6 and up. 2-4 players can play this game. The basic premise of this game is to match tiles and get points. Players will plot and scheme their way to victory. This game of strategy makes you think and learn creative ways to beat your opponents.

A typical game of Qwirkle might last up to 45 minutes. It’s a perfect game for family night, slumber parties and any time your competitive nature arises.

I always enjoyed board games as a child, and it’s so much fun playing them with my daughter and wife today! I’m so glad my family can still enjoy basic board games together. These times spent together as a family will create special memories for my child that she will hopefully hand down to her family.

Click here to see the best price on this gameQwirkle board game.

Gadget Store – Spy Gear Micro Kit

spy_gear_microSpy Gear Micro Kit comes with 6 spy tools attached to a utility belt. It is recommended for ages 6-12. Players can scan the QR code located on the package with a smartphone to access top-secret intel about Spy Gear.

The gadgets are easily accessible on the utility belt that is worn by the spy. The grappling hook features a magnetic claw to help retrieve objects even from a distance. They can use the motion alarm to guard doorways or to protect secret documents. There’s a hand-held disc shooter that launches 3 discs, 1 at a time, up to 20 feet. The wallet conceals a pop-up scope, coded paper and a decoder lens for writing and revealing secret messages.

Boys will especially enjoy this game of spying and gathering information, but I see no reason why girls would not enjoy this, as well.

If you’re going to get this one make sure you use this link because it leads to the lowest priced listing I found on Amazon.

Building Toys for Kids

Building toys are always popular choices for boys and girls alike! LEGO is probably the most popular brand of building toys and a favorite of kids and adults. This original LEGO Minecraft 21102 offers a new twist on a classic building toy. Unlike classic building blocks, this building game is performed online. This is one exception to allowing kids to play online. It’s a game of strategy and skill that will make them think as they build a 3D environment in which they take an avatar to destroy and create blocks.

This game is recommended for ages 10-15, and it makes an awesome Christmas or birthday gift. Due to the popularity of Minecraft, it has been “ported” to LEGO form, for even more enjoyment. You can check the price and availability here: check price

I wish they would have had these sorts of building toys when I was a boy. I would have thoroughly enjoyed this type of adventure!

This and the other toys featured here have made me excited about giving toys to the children in my life this year for the holidays! I can’t wait!

Check out one of the three most popular toys 2013 I researched above and let me know what you think!

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